Single Touch Payroll

STP reporting is now mandatory for all businesses. We can help you get set up and ensure that your business is compliant with STP regulations.

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Do I need Single Touch Payroll (STP)?

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STP Micro Employer

Micro Employers
(1-4 Employees)

Micro employers must follow the same regulations as small business owners, meaning that STP is now a mandatory regulation. The QuickBooks software included in your customised solution makes STP easy for micro employers, ask us how we can get you set up.

STP Small Business

Small Business Owners
(1 - 19 Employees)

STP reporting for businesses with 19 employees or under started from 1 July 2019, and it has been mandatory since 30 September 2019. Our business bookkeeping specialists know the regulations inside out, and can give you advice and assistance on how to handle STP best for your business.

STP Big Business

Big Business Owners
(19+ Employees)

Businesses with over 19 employees should already be reporting through STP. It has been mandatory since 1 July 2018. Our business bookkeeping specialists will make sure that your business is STP-compliant, and advise the best way to continue to report for your business.

What does STP mean for me?

There are a number of rules and regulations for STP including exemptions and concessions. Our business bookkeeping professionals know all of this back-to-front and can make sure that your business is not only compliant but reporting in the most efficient and cost-effective way. Talk to an Business Specialist today about accessing any applicable exemptions or concessions.

Reporting Payments

There are a number of payments made to employees that must be reported through STP, though not all payments are mandatory to report and some cannot be reported at all. We will manage all of this for you so you never have to worry about reporting the right thing.

Online Reporting

There are no more paper forms – all reporting now has to be done online. If your’re already using online payroll software, our professionals can take over from you. If you’re using desktop software, spreadsheets or pen and paper we can help you transition to online.


There are a number of exemptions to STP for some employers, and for certain types of payments and employees. Our bookkeeping professionals can identify if your business could be eligible for an exemption and apply for one on your behalf.

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